AXA XL wants to remain relevant and sustainable

Alain Wijnants Country Manager Benelux, Nancy Janssens, Client Distribution Leader Benelux, both AXA XL and François Lanavère, Head of Sales and Business Development, AXA Climate give their opinion on their goal in the coming years, how they continue their journey to success and, last but not least, the meaning of NARIM for the business.


What is your goal in the coming years, in other words how do you adapt your services to the changing/uncertain circumstances (climate change, pandemic, etc.)?

Alain: ‘Our goal is aligned with AXA’s vision to act for human progress by protecting what matters. For us at AXA XL, this means helping our clients better understand their exposures and designing innovative solutions to transfer the risks associated with their operations.

To remain a relevant and sustainable partner to our clients, we have been digitalising some of our risk consulting services, which has proven very useful since the beginning of the pandemic. These services allow our clients to have a more granular view of their risks, whether by region or type of site.

We are also expanding the type of coverage we are able to offer, notably by combining our expertise with that of other entities within AXA Group. We are, for instance, supporting some of our clients with programmes that combine the use of a captive and a parametric solution, in partnership with AXA Climate, AXA’s entity dedicated to parametric insurance.’




Can the risks of climate change still be insured, and how? …and how do you continue your journey to success?

François: ‘For us at AXA Climate, the question isn’t necessarily whether the risks associated with the increased frequency and severity of certain weather events – some of which are the result of climate change – can be insured. We are at a turning point where we are not only asking the companies we partner with how their operations impact the climate, but also how the climate impacts their operations. The reason for this is simple: the companies that will be able to sustainably manage their exposures to natural hazards in the future are those that are taking adaptation measures today. The only way for our industry to “continue on its journey” is to adapt to climate change.’


NARIM is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Can you indicate what NARIM means/has meant to you?

Nancy:‘As an insurance professional who has spent over 20 years working in the Dutch market, NARIM has always played a key role in my career. It has provided me great development and training opportunities and a convivial forum to discuss issues that matter to our clients and partners. It has always been a fantastic sounding board for our industry in the Netherlands and a great representative within Europe, notably at FERMA.’


What do you wish NARIM?

Alain:‘First of all, I wish NARIM a very fruitful congress in Rotterdam in September, where I look forward to meeting, hopefully in person, many of our clients and partners. Beyond that, I wish NARIM to remain the successful and very much needed institution that it has been for our industry, for the next 25 years and more!’

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